Should I re install OS with new motherboard?

Hello everyone I just got a rampage 3 formula off eBay today and just put it all together. I upgraded from a P6t that had a dead pci-e slot and everything went perfectly without a hitch, it even booted right up into windows 7. The question is should you re install the os even though it runs? Im not sure if I would be missing out on anything by leaving it the way it is or could I be missing out on the performance of this board by a drive format.
Ex: going from sata 3gbps to 6 gbps on a ssd or other things I can't think of.

Thanks in advace
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  1. Personally I would reinstall the OS. ( You could always remove all drivers from the old hardware) You aren't missing out on a great deal of performance; most of the improvements are hardware side.
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    I don't think that's necessary. But to ensure that you get optimum performance i reccomend you to reinstall.
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