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We have 2 CUDA cards (Quadro Fx 5800 , Gforce GTX 480) we are planning to build a workstation which would host both or at least one CUDA card. we are new and would like some expert advice from any of you guys to learn where to start on this.

please let us know what are the options we have and what would be an ideal configuration,

we want to buys prebuilt workstation if possible or also ready to build one, we are looking for a cheeper option.


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  1. OK to cut to the chase what applications are you using? If there is any cad applications and modeling then you are looking at a FX 5800. If only cuda and gaming on the side then the gtx 480 will go far even now days given how cheap they are.
  2. We are planing to use it for the class projects and trying to use both cards, its all CUDA programming, no gaming.
  3. Quadro is better for you if you ever decide to go beyond that for productivity. Don't bother with the gtx 480 and certainly don't buy both. The quadro may also save you time when doing these projects due to the driver optimizations.
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