Will I need a new win 8 key if I upgrade to b3 mobo?

Recently I bought a good second hand gaming pc as my desktop was old and would have cost to much to replace.

This new pc has been great with no issues I clean installed win 8 this was all good then however I started installing my second hdd which resulted in the dvd drive to stop working after some research I discovered this was because the sata 2 ports had stopped working a known issue fixed on the newer b3 mobos.

So my question is, if I buy a mobo of exactly the same model as the one I have except the b3 version will I need to reactivate win 8 and if so how much would it cost?

This isn't to much of an issue most of the time as I rarely use discs however it would be good to get it fixed. If it does require a reactivation though I would be better to buy a better mobo.
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  1. You do not need to re-install the OS by replacing a motherboard. Just connect the HDD where the OS is installed -- it should work fine.
  2. I understand that you don't have to reinstall the os but usually replacing the mobo results in you needing to purchase a new key unless the mbo is identical. So does windows recognise the b3 mobos as the same as non b3 mobos.
  3. I don´t think it should be a problem.
  4. Ok thats great then, do you know how much its does cost for a new windows key if i chose to upgrade the mobo instead?
  5. You must be refering to an OEM version of Windows 8.
    With Windows 7 and earlier an OEM Version was tied to the MB first installed on - If the MB did not die, you technically could not replace the MB.

    HOWEVER; with Windows 8 OEM version:
    Seems uSoft made a change in OEM windows 8. Under Personal Use License.
    "From the Horses Mouth"
    Q. What happens if I build a PC with a Personal Use License, then later decide to sell it?
    A. You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you....... (providing you remove it from the computer)
    End Quote

    LOL - Selling a Computer and Reuse the OEM version is way more than just replacing the MB!!!! Glad to see they did this.

    Ref: [...] XuTvnsfA-c

    Replacing the MB is a NON-issue with Other versions of Window xp, 7, or 8
    (ie Upgrade/pro)

    Bottom Line, Upgrading the MB is a Non-issue with ANY of the Windows 8 versions.
    YOU do NOT have to pay for a 2nd lic when replacing MB, even with OEM version!!!!
  6. Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Your welcome, ENJOY your system.
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