Dx10 games on dx11 cards

Can running a dx10 or maybe dx9 games on dx11 cards causes problem like freezing?
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  1. No, video cards are backward compatible and can easily run with earlier versions of DirectX. Your computer freezing can have a number of possible causes. Your CPU could be overheating, you may have a bad power supply, your computer may be infected with a virus, the games affected may have issues with the driver revision you are using, or the games themselves may have a bug in them. It would help to know the specs of your system, your CPU and GPU temperatures, and which games are having this problem.
  2. My specs are:
    core i5 2400
    intel DH61WW motherboard
    sapphire hd6750 1gb
    Corsair GS600
    2Gb DDR3 ram

    I have also used Intel Desktop Utilities which shows
    CPU temperatures between (40-56)celsius just after closing the freezed game

    i am getting such problem in playing assassin's creed after an hour of game play
  3. Your request has been granted!
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