$300-Experts please build

I asked my question a couple of nights ago and got some excellent responses, but I was thinking I might ask for help in a different way.

I was wondering if the experts would be so kind and put together a wish list that I could look at online from the main online suppliers? My goal is to build the best gaming desktop for the money. I am aware that I will not be playing the latest games with this rig.

* have old pci-e video card I will use temporarily
* upgradeable later
* quad core

Only need these parts:

mid tower
heatsink and fan for cpu

Thanks! I realize $300 rig and gaming do not belong in the same topic or sentence, but I think $300 will be way better than my current system- AMD 2000+ - Geforce 3 Ti500 1GB Ram.
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    I would look at an AMD A6 or A8, they are quad core and have decent integrated graphics which are good enough for low resolution gaming, <1440x900 or so.
  2. I'm not sure that's even possible with all the parts you need.
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