Intel Sandy Bridge HD Graphics 4000 Performance?

All the performance comparisons and discussions I have seen online have stated that Ivy Bridge's HD 4000 Graphics will have a 190% performance increase over the Intel HD 3000 Graphics. Does this mean one will have twice as high FPS in gaming?

Right now, on my HP EliteBook with an i5-2410m and Intel HD 3000 I can get 20-30 FPS in SWTOR. If I get an Ivy Bridge laptop down the road, will Intel HD 4000 graphics give 50-60 FPS? That's what an 190% increase would mean, wouldn't it?

I'm only asking this because that seems very unlikely. Does the 190% pertain to things other than gaming, such as capability of higher resolutions in movies, etc, or does it also effect gaming? That would be awesome if it was 190% faster in gaming.

Also, has there been any word on how well HD 4000 overclocks? Would I even be able to overclock it in a laptop?

Thanks in advance to any answers or insight.
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  1. Based on an article from Anandtech, they expect at most a 60% performance increase over the Intel HD 3000. That's basically going from a Radeon HD 5450 to the Radeon HD 5550.

    Laptops do not allow you to overclock unless perhaps it is one of those boutique high end brands like Falcon NorthWest. Even then I really doubt they would have overclocking options.
  2. If you want a power integrated graphic core solution, then you may want to wait for AMD's Trinity. It's graphics core will be based on the Radeon HD 7000 series. However, even if you buy the most powerful Trinity APU, it's CPU core will not be as powerful as the i5-2410m.

    Currently the Radeon HD 6480G found in the weakest Llano A4 APU series is about equal to a Radeon HD 5550, perhaps slightly slower.
  3. What about these benchmarks though?,14144.html

    Granted this is HD 2000 vs 4000, but it is still a much greater improvement than just 60%. Does the fact that these are desktop processors with HD graphics have any effect on their graphics performance?
  4. I really don't think it's going to be 190%. Either way it's still not going to beat out a discrete video card we're just not at that point yet.
  5. Never, ever take 3DMark Vantage Performance Preset benchmark scores at face value.

    I'll still say 60% at best at this point in time. It's not really worth getting worked up on. In a few months benchmarks will be available. Just enjoy your current laptop. Until you have enough money to buy a new laptop.
  6. I'd be surprised if they achieve A4 Lano equality in the IGP ,or 60% since they would have to give up die space on a 4 core on a 6 core Ib they will get the space but dont expect much more than 4 core
    performance if they go for DX 11
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  8. It's being compared with HD 2000 as the i7 2600 has HD 2000
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