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Graphics Upgrade Suggestions


i'm currently running on this specs

AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 BE
1TB Hitachi HDD
Nvidia 9800GT GFX
M4N68T-M V2 Mobo
500 Watts eXtreme Power Plus
CM Elite 335 case + SickleFlow 120 2000 RPM Blue LED fan

so the problem is, i m actually thinking of upgrading my graphics soon... so before i do i need to survey and consider whats the best graphic card for my setup... not aiming for crossfire or SLi just a single monitor play some high end games in high settings.. i've jus upgraded the set except for the graphics card and the PSU... price wise i m not quite particular i just want the ideas... i'm quite a noob in this...

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  1. Maybe you wanne change the psu also, it's not that great. Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, preferably get one with a single 12V rail with at least 40A, 600 W, 80+ certified.
  2. whats the resolution with best quality and less lag...? high detail... i'm quite a noob
  3. and i'm leaning more to gtx 560ti... with a corsair PSU.... actually i'm looking for sumthing to last me another 3 years or so
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    The higher the res the better it looks obviously, but demanding more GPU VRAM. With a 6950 2GB you can easily play on 1920x1080 res or higher, if you setlle for a cheaper GPU ( 560 or 6870 ) 1080 will be the max. But again, i would wait if i were you, the 9800 ain't that bad. Maybe buy a better psu now and get a 7000 series when they come out.
    Make sure your monitor can handle the high res, otherwise you buy a expensive card for nothing.
  5. so the 7+ series i read the thread but dun understand much... how much power does it consume...? will a 600 watt support it or higher...?
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  7. A good ( 80+ ! ) 600W PSU will be enough i think. To be completely sure you can go for a 750W but i can't imagine the new cards will use that much more volts than the 6000 series and they are happy with a good 500W PSU.
  8. arite thanks for the info dude... it really helped me alot
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