Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE HDMI out not working after BIOS update


Ive always been using 2 displays the main one is a drawing tablet Cintiq24hd while the second one is a 24in HD monitor.

now I was having trouble with my usb keyboard not turning on in post so I could not enter the bios or select safe mode options when there was a problem so I updated the bios and now the keyboard is ok

but surprise my 2nd display is not detected anymore! (wtf)

its still plugged into the motherboards hdmi out but it wont show up or turn on.

its really messing up my workflow to lose that screen so would be great to solve the problem

thanks for any help
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    Your BIOS may settings may have been changed, recommend going back into bios and double check settings.
  2. I did, but do you know what exactly I should be looking for? because I cant find anything related to displays or hdmi out, monitor option only shows seemingly unrelated stuff, some complex settings of main monitor I think
  3. Not, sure myself - Hopefully some one else will help (I only use one monitor).
    Was hoping you would notice and say Yep that's what changed.

    Then it could also be that you will need to update the Tablet driver/firmware.
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  5. I fixed the problem, had to dig deeper as the settings was hidden in the advanced tab of the advanced menu...seems like igpu multi monitor setting had been disabled during bios update
    thanks. :)
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