What's best for GTA IV at 1366*728 @ max details

/EVGA 560 Ti (not overclocked)
/core i5 2500
/2* crucial ballistix 1600Mhz CL8
/Main storage: Seagate barracuda 500GB 7200rpm
/PS: 535W Green

hello everybody, here's my current desktop config,the problem is when i put my graphics settings in GTA IV at
maximum I face some deadly hitches every 1 minute and it keeps hitching for 20 seconds although i play with 1366*728 resolution (an 18.5 inches LG) i don't expect this cause i've never seen like this on Crysis2 (DX9) or Assassins Creed brother hood at max details.
--Where does the shortage come from? PSU,CPU, GPU ,RAM or hard drive?
--Do I need an SSD or a WD Caviar black to get the maximum details on almost every game at 1366*728 without problems ?
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    The MAJOR FPS BOOSTER for gta 4 is a disk defrag.Unlike games such as crysis 2,gta 4 is very very sensitive to a fragmented drive.The fact that your computer gets hitches in the game means that the data is not beind streamed fast enough from your hard drive for your cpu and gpu to process so both have to wait until they receive the data.Use windows disk defragmenter and defrag your drive.This should solve hte problem
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