Can this PSU run the GTS 450 fine?? heres the link

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  1. yes, it should be ok, but that so called 500w psu is about as powerful as antecs 380w psu. Dont buy cheap junk psu's. Im sure you have access to antec, corsair or seasonic, they are good brands.
  2. anybody ??? suggestion?
  3. Buy a power supply with an Active PFC, those are better quality.

    Like your 2nd link, the 700W.

    Huntkey APFC 500 500W
  4. Suggestion?

    Yes. Reread iam2thecrowe's post.

    A GTS450 needs about 8 amps at full load. So, yes, a 500 watt Huntkey should work. OTOH, Huntkeys are about one step above generic junk.
  5. @jsc thanks friend!
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