What type of ram used in ecs elite p4mm2

what type of ram used in ecs elite p4mm2
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  1. Simple DDR SDRAM


    º 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM socket support up to 2 GB
    º Support DDR266/200 DDR SDRAM
    Due to the operating system limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows® 32-bit OS.
    For Windows® 64-bit OS with 64-bit CPU, there is no such limitation
  2. P4mm2? I only see p4vmm2's of which there are a few versions. All the p4vmm2's are ddr266/200 sdram up to 2GB's.

    If this is your motherboard newegg sales DDR400 which should work.
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