PC fails to find graphics card on boot up.


I turned on my PC and it fails find the graphics card. I have changed the card and the problem still persists. It will only run if the VDU is connected to the on board graphics.
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  1. vdu?

    what are your sys specs?
  2. Pardon me for being condescending, but I'm assuming you have installed the drivers, right?
  3. Run it with the Onboard Graphics Card, boot into BIOS. Choose the right Display Order,
    PCIe-PCI-Onboard or PCI-PCIe-Onboard.
    Save and exit. Shutdown system
    Reconnect the VGA cable to the GPU in your PCI/PCIe Slot.
    Start up the system.
    See if this helps.
  4. Check to make sure the graphic card matches the board
    Check to see if you need your bios upgraded
    Set bios like alyoshka said for the right display order.
    Also might need to use on-board graphics card until you install the drivers for the graphics card and make sure you get the lastest from the maker of the graphics card

    hope one of those steps help you out
  5. Also make sure the power cable is connected to the card as well, if it requires one.
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