HD 5570 not booting on P8H61 Chipset

Hi guys, posted once about this but got no replies. Looking at my post is was quite drawn out as wanted to include everything, so here's the short version :)

Trying to get a Radeon HD 5570 to work on a Asus P8H61 mobo.

Graphics card works fine in my existing machine (P5Q PRO) and my other graphics card works fine on the P8H61 mobo - so seems the actual hardware isn't the issue.

Sometimes the PC boots fine (generally after changing something in the configuration / settings the first boot is OK) then relapses into not booting - No display on monitor and beeps (one long, 3 short) from mobo.

What I know...

When used separately, graphics card and Mobo seem to work fine

Fresh install of windows 7 (its was also doing it before the install on windows xp)

Power is NOT the issue, tried with existing 350w PSU and also bought brand new 750w psu. Also HD 5570 doesnt have aux power connector

No hardware conflicts in device manager (initially had 'simple pci communications interface" issue, but resolved)

Any ideas guys? Was wondering if it could be something to do with the onboard graphics on the H61 chipset - but then again other cards work fine (have tried 7600gs and HFD 4670 with this mobo)

Your help would be much appreciated :)
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  1. Did you change the preferred (boot) graphics device to the PEG in your BIOS? You mobo could be "confused" with the on-board video and in what order to access graphics devices.
  2. I didn't, I guessed as they HD 4670 worked fine the settings were correct and didn;t want to mess around too much.

    Thanks for the reply, I will try that now and get back to you. Have also installed ASUS AI II suite, so can do a BIOS update if this doesn;t work.
  3. Good luck! Standing by.
  4. Hi there, thanks for the tip, unfortunately this hasn't worked.

    Just to clarify, you did mean set it to PCI before PEG? Assumed you meant this but after coming back on and reading your post you said set to PEG.

    Will go away and try PEG -> PCI now, just in case.

    PC is doing exactly the same as before, loading fine with the HD 4670 but not posting with the HD 5570.

    I have also checked for BIOS update for the P8H61 via Asus AI Suite, and apparently there are none as yet :/

    Will keep you posted!

    Thanks :)
  5. Hey again, just confirming I've tried now in both PEG -> PCI, and PCI -> PEG and get the same issue with both configurations.

    At my wits end hehe, it's my friend's computer (he has had the graphics card running fine in another motherboard for 2 months, and just replaced with a sandy bridge combo). I would advise him to return the motherboard but it doesn't actually appear to actually be faulty so not sure where he'd stand.
  6. PEG = PCIe Graphics
    PCI - PCI graphics

    This setting tells the mothboard which slot to look for a video card in first. Also, do you have an option somewhere in your BIOS to disable the on-board video?
  7. Hehe, PEG = PCI Express Graphics - now it makes sense, I guessed PEG referred to the mobo's built in graphics - D'oh!

    In any case, both settings made no difference but I have now found the issue!

    After trying everything and deciding there was absolutely nothing I could do, I decided to test the rig with my own PSU, and hey presto, it boots every time!

    Even though it was the simplest, it was the last thing I checked as the PSU was a brand new 750w unit, which had been bought to replace the one my friend initially thought was the culprit. Who would have thought both PSU's would have the same problem?

    Let this be a lesson to anyone out there buying a PSU (as if there wasn't enough information out there already!) - Do not skimp on price! Thing is with his rig, he could have spent the same on a quality 400w system and not had any problem.

    Thanks very much for your help anyway COLGeek!
  8. You did good! I agree, always buy a quality PSU. I buy Seasonics for that very reason. I get what I pay for. WOO HOO!!!
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