What gigabit-E & jumbo frames routers do I have as options?

I'm not too familiar with jumbo frames, but as the person tasked with upgrading out non-profit's equipment... here I am asking for help.

We recently bought an 8TB NAS (WDShareSpace) to hold all our video/photo for the network. However, at the currenty wireless-G/100Mbit connection... it's just not 12GB file happy.

So I need a router that will have at least 1 Gigabit-E slot for the NAS (the more the merrier). I'm also looking for one that has jumbo-frames enabled to make these huge transfers smoother. It doesn't have to have wireless-N, but for the computers that are able to use it in our office we might as well.

Throw out any options you suggest. Dual-radio, single-radio, etc. We're in Thailand so getting a good range of things will make it easier for me to see if I can buy it here or have to bring it over from the US with someone.

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  1. Can you describe your environment a little more? Your layout, devices, etc? Gigabit networking would probably be a better route than using jumbo frames if the option is available.
  2. 10-15 computers depending on how many volunteers we have in the office. Mostly laptops (95%) and of all ages. Some don't have wireless-N/Gigabit-E. I hope that info makes more clear why I need the jumbo frames for our setup. Any other questions and I'll try to get back as soon as possible. Trying to buy one this week if possible.
  3. If multiple computers are pulling the data, jumbo frames may have a negative impact in your environment.

    Why are you convinced jumbo frames are the way to go?
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