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I have a wireless router in which I allow free connections, unsecured. I was wondering if there is a way to know how many people are using it ant any given time? either a list of PC names or just the number of devices connected.

When I bring my Trendnet TEW-632BRP's management tool, there is a Dynamic DHCP List, but it always shows the same info, even if I enable security and require a password. for Example, 1)I have an Android phone with wifi, the phone shows up on the list even if I do not have wifi enabled on my phone. 2) The list shows 6 devices while unsecured, i then disable unsecured and require a password, but the same 6 devices are on the list.

Do I have to do a reset/restart to kick off people without a password?
Anyway, perhaps there is a free app out there?

Thanks so much
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  1. not sure about the exact model.. but yes some routers have to be restarted for the settings to work.. some routers have a option to view the current connected wireless clients and others do not.... if you only have a DHCP list this will more then likely show you the devices that have been connected in x amount of days. x being the days a DHCP lease is valid for.. most devices the default is to 7-10 days
  2. You might want to look into using a captive portal (just search Google). There are many different ways to configure such a portal. It has the advantage of "formalizing" your open wifi access so you can do things like track usage, limit usage, provide a disclaimer, announce policies, etc., rather than just leaving it completely "wild west". DD-WRT routers are particularly helpful in this regard since they provide some built-in support for captive portals.

    Granted, it may be overkill in some cases, but at least I would check it out, because let's face it, your typical router just isn't designed for auditing purposes. Given the few tools available, gleaning such information out of them is not very promising.
  3. Wow cool Thanks, the reboot did work!! It weird the software take 5 mins, so I didn't do it originally, but it now shows just my home pc and my cell phone.

    Wow cool Thanks again on the captive portal, that's exactly what I can use. I do have a wild west setup right now.
  4. I found this ZeroShell program

    It looks great, but I'm a bit scared because the install seems so unorthodox. Do you think a semi-noob can use this? or it too sophisticated?

    I run Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (LTS) in dual boot w/ windows, ubuntu is the primary install, but my router software is on the windows side, but prolly doesnt matter since it just an IP address
  5. I did a speed test. I went from 6g down/1.2g up to 12g down and 2.7g up. Maybe i keep this way, LOL. I guess the others users were using my bandwidth.
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