New build - TF2 locking up after a few seconds, sound loop

Hey guys,

Im at the end of my rope with this. I just built a new computer with brand spankin new hardware (except the video card):

-Windows 7 64-bit Pro
-Corsair Vengeance 8gb at 1666 mhz
-Asus P8P67 Deluxe
-Intel i7-2600K
-WD 500GB HD
-HT Omega Striker
-Nvidia Quadro FX1500

I initially stress tested my video card with the GPUTool and it didn't show any artifact errors. So im thinking the video card might not be the problem.

When I start up the game, and join a server - it will freeze up anywhere between 1-25 seconds and would freeze frame and sound loop. The weird thing is that if I do control alt delete, go to the desktop for a couple seconds and come back to the game, it will sometimes unfreeze itself... :heink:

Ive done some research and found that other people have experienced the same thing, and they have had these settings in the game launch options: -windowed -noborder -threads 1 +mat_queue_mode 0
Ive even defraged the game files... But that doesnt seem to help :(

Any ideas???
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  1. Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache under properties > local files?
  2. I have that problem with Counter-Strike: Source....
  3. It could just be a driver issue with the graphics card considering it isn't designed for gaming. That game should run fine on the intel hd graphics, try running from that and see if you have the same issues.
  4. how would you specify where you want the game to pull its graphics from? Ive tried verifying the integrity of the game but that didnt work. This all started happening after I upgraded from Windows XP 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit....
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