A few different CPU/GPU configurations

alright, so I have decided to choose between a few CPU/GPU configurations and would like your input on which combination to go with for price/performance. I will be gaming once BF3, D3, GW2, and Skyirm come out. As well as rendering in 3D, game programming, and my girlfriend running AutoCAD.

i5-2500k with MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme 3GB $820

i5-2500k with MSI GTX 580 Lightning 1.5GB $725

i5-2500k with EVGA SOC GTX 580 1.5GB $700
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  1. You seem to be stuck on that i5-2500k cpu , but I guess that is the cpu you want. I would go with the first choice as the video card with the 3 gb ram as it will help with your 3D rendering and your girlfriend's AutoCAD.
  2. What is your resolution? If it is "only" 1920x1080, then unless you find benchmarks showing that 3GB is notably better than 1.5GB for your stated uses (I don't think you will), then the question becomes whether or not the difference in clock speed (that you may be able to set yourself anyway) is worth the price premium. I'd be inclined to think it isn't, and would likely select the cheapest of those options.
  3. As jtt283 said you don't really need anything more than 1.5GB unless your planning on using multiple displays.But definitly don't get the EVGA card.The MSI card has a much much better cooling solution and it's only $30 more.

    What is the make/model of your PSU?
  4. well, I am getting the 2500k rather than the 2600k because of price, but I could go up to the 2600k if it would really be worth it.

    I am getting the Seasonic x750, but could go to the x850 if I needed to.

    I am also getting a 23" Dell UltraSharp Monitor, I will be getting a 2nd one, but not til a couple months after I get the first one. So with 2 23" monitors, would the 3GB be better?
  5. I would get the 850watt just in case you want to SLI in the future.Always good to plan ahead even if your not planning to.

    The 2500k will be fine.For your usage theirs no need to spend the extra money for the 2600k.

    Are you planning to using them in Nvidia Surround or just duplicating ?
  6. Well if I SLI 580s wouldn't I need more than 850w?

    What exactly is nvidia surround?

    Im leaning towards the 1.5GB lightning unless the 3GB would really benefit me.
  7. The full system power draw with a GTX580 SLI is around 750watts.You should be fine with an 850watt although you can get a bigger one if you want.

    Nvidia Surround is using 3 monitors as one big monitor.It's main advantage is the peripheral vision you get with the 2 monitors on the side.Great for First person shooters.Since your using them as one big monitor it also makes the resolution bigger which is where the extra RAM would come in handy.Using Nvidia Surround with 3 1080p monitors would give a resolution of 5760x1080 which is why you would need the extra RAM.
  8. oh, well I don't know if I will ever get 3 monitors, I will be using the 2 23" as one big monitor, once I get the 2nd one though.

    So I don't know if I need the 3GB version, which is why I'm leaning towards the 1.5GB version
  9. You are going to use 2 monitors as a single monitor? I'm not sure if this is exactly possible, seeing as you will have a bevel in the middle of your game which wouldn't ge good. That's why it's better to have 3, the bevels are not in the center and not such a big deal.
  10. well i wont be gaming with both monitors, i will just be doing work and stuff on both, when i play games ill just use the 1.

    I may add a 3rd monitor in a yearish. but until then I'll just have 2. So should I just go with the 3GB to save the trouble of having to upgrade later? I may SLI 580's next year also

    How would I use nvidia surround? how do i plug the monitors in to the graphics card. I was going to use DVI for my 2 monitors, but there is only 2 slots, so how would I add the 3rd monitor?
  11. I believe each of the monitors or atleast two of them require a display port, HOWEVER, I'm not positive, let someone else confirm/deny/explain this. Sorry I can't help further :(
  12. No they don't,you can use all DVI.Theirs instructions in the Nvidia Control Panel.I think you plug 2 monitors into the primary card and the other monitor into the secondary card.

    Yah you might as well get the 3G version.But remember that if you SLI you have to get another 3GB model as well or else they will both be converted to 1.5GB models.
  13. well how would that work, i dont think any mobo has more than 1 display port slot.
  14. You mean a PCI-Express x16 slot?
  15. i didnt see your post until after, i meant no graphics card has more than 1 display port slot, but i got it now.

    I am going to get the 3GB model, in the case that I might get a 3rd monitor. i am for sure going to SLI next year once the prices drop. Do I need 3 3D monitors to get resolution of up to 5760 x 1080?

    Would using 3 23" Dell Ultrasharp monitors be good in nvidia Surround?
  16. Technically they do make cards with more than 1 display port but their really expensive.

    No you don't need 3D monitors but you can if you want.For every monitor you use you add that resolution to get the total resolution of the monitors being used.For example if you have a 1080p monitor: 1080p=1920x1080 x3.Since only the horizontal size is being expanded you only add the horizontal resolution. 1920x3=5750.

    As long as you find a monitor with a small/thin bezel you should be fine.Although I've found that even with monitors that with a thinker bezel it still looks fine because you have such a huge display to look at.
  17. what monitor would you recommend? 23" preferably, I was going to get the Dell Ultrasharp.
  18. Best way,I think, would be to go to a computer store and see which ones have the smallest bezel in person.If the price isn't right just get the model number and look it up on newegg or something for a cheaper deal.
  19. do i have to run pci-e cords from the psu to each card in SLI? or does the SLI bridge take care of that?
  20. Each motherboard x16 slot only supplies 75 watts.A GTX580 consumes about 200+watts.So you will need to supply additonal power via the 8 pin pci-express connectors from the power supply.The SLI bridge just links the 2 cards so they can share data,not power.
  21. How about a 2600k w/ twin 900Mhz 560 Ti's for $775

    2600k's hyperthreading will come in very handy w/ the rendering and AutoCAD but will cost ya an extra $95

    $460 Two 900 Mhz 560's http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121425
    $315 One i7-2600k http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115070

    The twin 560's at $460 are $20 cheaper than your least expensive 580 and they 560's (862 fps in Guru3D's test suite) will outperform the 580 (616 fps) by about 40% in games.

    There are cheaper 560's but the Asus ones OC very well .... only 1 of the 8 I have built with req'd any voltage tweaks and even then it was just one notch


    Note that the IPS panel Dell Ultrasharps have great color rendering for photo editing but IPS is not generally needed for the uses you state.
  22. Well I am going to sli 580 when prices drop next year. So jack what monitor would recommend, I will end up getting 3 eventually. 23", 22" at minimum.
  23. I could get 2x EVGA 2GB 560 Ti's and go tri SLI later. Would that be better than 2x 580 3 GB?

    And what about 3x Asus VH238
  24. GTX560ti's can only do dual SLI.They didn't make it with 2 SLI bridges unless you can find another varient.
  25. oh ok, well in that case I am going to stick with the 580 xtreme edition 3GB.

    Just trying to decide on the monitors, I could get 3 Ultrasharps, but thats a lot of money. Or I could get say 3 Asus VH238H for 510.
  26. Why don't you get 1 of each and try em out.Return the one you don't like.

    Like I said earlier it's probably best to try them out in the store first.
  27. well I like the Ultrasharps, all the computers in my school have U2311H monitors. I don't know where I could try out the Asus monitor at though.
  28. Look up a local computer store? Best Buy,CompUSA?
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