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Graphics card for AsRock G31M-GS

Hey, I was wondering if anyone would advise me on a decent graphics card to get. My system specs are:
Mobo: AsRock G31M-GS
CPU: Intel Pentium E5700 (@3Ghz)
PSU: 400w
RAM: 4gb DDR2 (@332Mhz)
HDD: Seagate 500gb
OS: Win7 Home Premium 64bit
My monitor is 1080p and Im not sure of a budget yet.
Cheers for any help.
Peace and love.
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  1. Here's the max that you could get without causing a bottleneck as well as for good fps with a 1080p monitor.

    MSI Cyclone 6850

    Although to get a card like that you might have to upgrade your PSU,pending what you have now.

    How many amps are on the +12v rail(s)?

    What is the make/model of your 400watt PSU?
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply :D The PSU is seriously cheap I think the brand is ColdCase pr something like that. On the side of the PSU it says 18 amps underneath the +12v. Do you know a good graphics card I could get without upgrading the PSU?
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    You could get something like this.

    Asus 6670

    It's low power usage would allow you to use your current PSU.Although if you have the money I would reccomend getting the 6850 and a new PSU.You might find it hard to play games at your full 1080p resolution with the 6670.
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  5. I think I'll go for a 6670 or a 450 cause I'm on a budget. Thanks for your help :)
  6. I would stay away from the GTS450.It consumes about 30 watts more and with your PSU only providing 200watts you want to save as much power as possible.

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