HD 5570 Memory Clock Low.

I have an XFX ATi Radeon 5570 and i took a look on GPU-Z for its specifications. My gpu clock is stocked at 650 MHz, but for some reason, My memory clock is set at 500 Mhz.

on the official ati website.

it says it should be at 900 Mhz. but it also says 1 Gb DDR3. My 5570's box says it's 1 Gb DDR2. Is having a DDR2 card the reason for such a drastic drop in Memory clock?

There is also another theory that my PSU is not supplying it enough power because it is only a 250 watt psu.

My specs are here.


Hope someone can help.

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  1. That PSU is fine.Are you looking at the clocks when your idle or under load?

    AMD has an energy saving function that will downclock the card if the extra power isn't needed which might explain

    After looking around a bit I've found that the DDR2 5570's memory speeds can range from 800mhz to 1000mhz.Your's is probably in a downclock state.Try doing something graphicly intensive and then look at the readings again.
  2. I taking these readings at idle. Like when I turn the computer on. So my power supply is not a factor? Because ATI recommends a 400 watt psu.

    here are my GPU-Z readings. they are are quite low for the 5570.

  3. Can you open CCC and see why the ATI Overdrive settings are at?

    GPU companies like AMD and Nvidia grossly overstate the actual PSU needed to power a GPU because their are some companies that make bad power supplies.Actually I just looked at your PC and you have a 125 watt processor and 8G of RAM.You might need a new PSU even with a small card like the 5570.But before we do that just try to see what the clocks are at.
  4. i don't seem to have AMD overdrive for my graphics card in control center.

    When I click on AMD overdrive, it shows a tool for overclocking my CPU, not my GFX card.

    i can show you MSI Afterburner

    and the hardware information on the control center.

    Personally, I use AMD GPU Clock tool to overclock.

  5. What's weird is that if you didn't have enough power it would downclock the memory and the core clock and that isn't happening.

    What brand of 5570 do you have?

    Download MSI Kompbuster and run a stress test.Watch MSI afterburner and take a screen shot to see if the memory speed moved at all.
  6. so strange. I ran Kompbuster and this what what it was telling me.

    on the upper right corner, it says, core clock is 650, and Memory clock is 1853.1 Mhz

    here are the full results.

    MSI didnt seem to change at all.
  7. Run the test again and this time take a screen shot of GPU Z and MSI Afterburner while the test is running.
  8. The dude has a 250w psu.

    And you guys are still trying to figure out the problem?

    Really? The cpu alone is 125w. :hello:

  9. I thought of that but what's strange is that usually if theirs a power restriction it downclocksthe core clock as well not just the memory.The 5570 only consumes 45 watts but power might be an issue.

    How many amps are on the +12/v rail(s)?
  10. i'm getting 14A.
  11. That's a single rail?

    If it is then your PSU is the problem as GeekApproved pointed out.Guess I was wrong.I thought HP 250 watt PSU's delivered at least 190 watts.
  12. so it was not the psu at all. I asked an xfx technician. This is what he said.

    "DDR memory is capable of doing two operations per clock cycle. This doubles the bandwidth of the memory. DDR memory is always advertised at its effective clock and not its actual clock to help compare it to other types of memory. 500MHz is 1000MHz effective. Your DDR system memory does the same thing. If you download CPU-Z and check the memory tab for your system memory you would see that its actual clock speed is half of what it is advertised as. "
  13. Because it's dual channel.
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