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Do individual sleeved cable extensions work with different psu's?

Whats up guys. Getting ready to do some cable management and my question is: If i buy NZXT/Darkside/Sidewinder/Etc. individually sleeved cable extensions will they be compatible with any psu? Or are they proprietary to that psu like nzxt cables will only fit nzxt psu's. When i look closely at the modular power inputs on different psu's online they SEEM to look the same but there might be a slight difference i can't tell. Would rather buy the sleeved cables then manually do them myself. Thanks! -Jeff
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    Standard wiring config to meet ATX standards...ATX extension cables will work on any ATX PSU.
  2. Currently using connectors from my old OCZ PSU in an XFX psu.
    As said previously ATX standards depect the shape and number of connectors, in general most mainstream (such as the corsair cable pack) will fit well branded PSu's
  3. Awesome thanks guys!
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