Games crashing, not heat related

Hrmmm, how to best explain my problem... I guess first I should start off saying this doesn't happen very often... only after extensive gameplay (its been getting a bit more frequent i think but its most likely just me getting PO at it more so it just seems like it)

uhm, basically the game it happens in most frequently is GTA IV. The cause of the crash is just a generic APPHANG, however it sometimes happens in crysis to, also in AVA (although i get that 70% of people crash in that game also, its probably just a bug with that one game)

At first i thought the crashes were because of my less then legit copy of GTA IV, so i bought the game for 7 bucks off steam, it works better then it did but still crashes.

I really wouldn't care if it crashed normally (since 99% of games auto save) but its just that it takes my drivers with it (I think) what happens is if I have google chrome in the background and try to do a basic google search AFTER it crashes google just spazzes out and looks to be glitching and such then it says it crashed and do i want to relaunch if I hit yes then it keeps happening.... The only way I can get it back to normal is by a complete reboot

Oh and one other thing, re-installing drivers (even with driver sweeper) doesn't help at all D: ... Also when ava crashes its just that, a crash, it doesn't knock out my drivers with it, I can restart the game no problem.

Also i should note that inbetween the less then legit copy of GTA IV and the completely legit copy i did a full reformat :)

Athlon 2 x3 445 Rana (clocked at stock speeds and voltage is near 1.35 if i remember right)
5670 512mb Sapphire
500w Antec 500D green
-random asrock mobo, if you want the model # i can dig it up for you :)-
and 4g of dusty reused DDR2
HAF 912 case
Spinpoint F3

Would a video of my problem help? im not sure if fraps works when my pc spazzes out though...

Edit: I also stress tested my cpu + gpu for about 10-15 minutes and the max i saw either of them go was about 58c
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  1. Ok, im going to run memtest overnight since it seems like the least newest factor in my build (ive had the ram for about 3-4 years if i remember correctly.... I think... not sure but its been a while :D

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. Hmmm, i ran windows memory diagnostics after failing to find a cd to burn memtest to D:

    anyways, it came back clean...
  3. Really, no responses... at all?

    how long should I run furmark to make sure its stable?
  4. run furmark overnight? couldnt hurt i suppose... haha

    if the cpu and gpu really pass, then i would suspect something in the mobo, which imho is unlikely. i would use better testing software: download an ubuntu image, create a bootable flash drive, run memtest and cpuburn.
  5. I'll have to do that some other time... my parents hate me leaving my comp on all night D:

    anywho, I played GTA IV for about 4 hrs and it didn't crash.... its odd that I can't reliably make the games crash or there isn't a set time that they do crash... hrmmmm

    oo I looked it up and i guess the graphical glitches are called Z-Fighting... its apparantly a common problem with the game. Odd but if it indicates it isn't a system issue I think I can live with it :)

    I'll have to try and play the game long enough to get it to crash so I can take a video for you guys :)
  6. Hmmm, i played it for about 5 hrs, still no crash... meh.... i guess ill update this when it does crash? ok sooo...

    can we take this thread in a new direction? i have a bit of cash to spend... 60-80...

    i was thinking of a new mobo + some ddr3 but im not sure i don't have much... however! im totally down for waiting until black friday :)

    also i will most likely be getting some cash on my birthday which is next month...

    so, what would you update first if you had my rig?

    Edit: also the main reason im thinking of going the new mobo route is to give mine to my parents... they would have to buy there own cpu for it though :)
  7. ok, mass effect crashed, when it did it showed a single green line going across the screen, i was able to alt tab out however, i wasn't able to get a video though D:

    I did get a picture though:

    it seems im having the same problem with as this guy:

    Ran memtest for about 3 hours / 3 passes, it found nothing D:
  8. I know it looks like im spamming but ive had this thread up for what feels like a week now :P, can someone please suggest things Ive googled every possible thing i can imagine.... maybe its something to do with how it switches from 2d to 3d mode? is there a way to disable this indefinitely?
  9. i suspect your drivers. maybe drivesweeper isnt picking it up, but you might have some that are conflicting with each other?
  10. JGAN said:
    i suspect your drivers. maybe drivesweeper isnt picking it up, but you might have some that are conflicting with each other?

    ok, Ill try updating my driver sweeper... also ive only got the mobo drivers installed + onboard sound chip D:
  11. I noticed that you can download the drivers and CCC independently from eachother, so I think im going to try that... also for an nvidia upgrade to my gpu, what do you guys recommend... for about 100-130 dollar budget? i check the benches and the 550ti seems nice... just not competitively priced for the 5770... its like 30-40 dollars more -.- wth

    and what is up with the prices on the 460?

    I know most of you are saying, dont go nvidia for budget cards... but this driver problem... its making me pull my hair out -.-
  12. UPDATE! I tried it with aero completely off, and still nothin... well this time it crashed in 20 minutes instead of the usual >2 hours D:

    wait a minute... why isn't this posting on the forums live feed?
  13. meh, Tried just the drivers and not CCC, still crashing D:
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