Will a x1 sound card work in a full length slot?

So I know the technically a x1 pci-e card will work in a pci-e full length slot but recently I tried to hook up a wifi card and it would only work in the x1 slot. Anyways Im wondering will a sound card work in the full length slot? I dont have anymore full length slot's in my computer
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  1. yes it will work fine. if it doesnt, your motherboard has a problem
  2. SO does that mean the slot was broken?
  3. just try on the x1 slot first and see how it goes. then try the larger slot

    or you can just get a pci version of the sound card. i hope you are not getting creative
  4. I dont have any x1 slots left so im worried that it wont workin the x16 slots as the wifi card didn't work in them and im thinking of getting a xonar dsx
  5. you can get the xonar ds instead then
  6. or actually, why can you not use the onboard sound?
  7. I can but im getting a headphone with surround sound tho.... Am I being dumb and my mobo has that? I have a asusp8z77 v
  8. the onboard can do 7.1. you are covered
  9. and i doubt its true 5.1 or 7.1 headsets. they are generally very expensive and dont sound that great
  10. Im getting these
    And so if I do end up getting a sound card should I go with the PCI version? Or will the PCI-E card work in the full length slot haha thanks for the help btw
  11. Well let me refrase that so if I get a sound card its either between a PCI card or a PCI-E card and I cant decide although the PCI card is sure to work I dont feel like having to get a different card next upgrade to my MOBO which probably will not have any PCI slots. My only concern is putting a PCI-E x1 card into a full length slot even tho its supposed to work It did not work when I tried it with my wifi card so I had to use my last x1 slot and so yeah....
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    there is no difference between the pci and pci-e versions. they use different interfaces

    and if you are getting a sound card just for the headphones, this one makes more sense. has a built in headphone amp unliike the ds series
  13. Ok thanks for the help :)
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