Out of i3 2100, 2125, 2130 which one to go for ??


Please let me know which is the best i3 processor for desktops ?? As I have a very limited budget. so have to settle down with i3.. plzzz... let me know..asap.. thanks all.. Well I am looking at.. i3 2100, i3 2125 or i3 2130..
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  1. please dont double post the same question :non:
  2. Please see your previous thread for responses.

  3. my friend posted it again.. as I was planning to buy it in the next 1-2 day's :D..

    thanks for the.. info.. though.. thanks a ton.. :)
  4. Ref: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/325872-10-which-2100-2125-2130

    which mobo and which graphic card to for with i3 2100

    This depends on your budget more than anything. I don't think there's many GPU's that will last 5-6 years. Maybe if you sink $550 into a 7970 you might land somewhere close, but I doubt it.

    Motherboard - Z68 would be my recommendation, purely so you can upgrade to an IvyBridge processor if you ever wanted to. Z68 offers the most features of a Socket 1155 motherboard.

    Posting your budget, and place/country of purchase is probably going to get you the best build advice here....
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