Everest shows totally different values than bios


I've got a 2 year old PC with an Q9550 running on an Asus P5E.

Bios values:
VCore: 1.3
NB Voltage: 1.29
SB Voltage: 1.05
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.34
VDIMM: 2.0

Everest values (under Prime95 workload):
VCore: 1.23
NB Voltage: 1.33
SB Voltage: 1.07
FSB VTT: 1.26
VDIMM: 2.1

Firstly, should I trust Everest or the Bios? (I guess Bios, but how are such differences possible?)
Secondly, how can far can I go with VCore? Till 1.34 (intel description) or VID +20 %?
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  1. everest is a very good program and its probably pretty accurate

    the cpu will show lower vcore under load--its called vdroop--see here

  2. Thanks. And what about the other values? I don't really get it how there can be such a difference.
    Concerning LLC, should I disable it according to your link?
  3. disabling llc is a bit of a personal choice

    i tend to leave it enabled as i am severely overclocking (2600k @ 5ghz)

    as long as my vcore doesnt show too high using cpuz and my temperatures are fine it doesnt bother me if the bios

    values are slightly different than those shown in windows

    these values

    NB Voltage: 1.29
    SB Voltage: 1.05
    FSB Termination Voltage: 1.34

    are only hundredths different between your bios and everest

    your vdimm is a tenth of a difference but should still be ok
  4. So you were expecting the idle readings to be the same as the readings during prime 95?
  5. Ok despite that difference, are the one from the bios more trustworthy?
    And concerning voltage, can I go till the Intel maximum or VCore + 20% as some people suggest?
  6. its not that the bios readings are untrustworthy--they are accurate while you are in the bios

    but once in windows you can put more load on than in the bios

    are you overclocking? if not you dont need to increase vcore

    think the maximum is about 1.365v on that cpu

    but depends do you have a good heatsink
  7. Yes, I am overclocking. Current FSB is 405, VCore 1.3 as mentioned before.
    I got an Noctua NH-D14 with max core temps of 51° now.
    So I can put it to about 1.36, regardless of my vid of 1.238?
  8. never had one of those cpus so best idea would be look somewhere like here


    thats an excellent cooler so temps should be ok

    sometimes more voltage doesnt always produce more speed in scale to the voltage required

    ie my 2600k can do 5ghz on 1.4v could possibly push it to 5.2ghz if i push 1.5v through it--but the extra 200mhz

    wouldnt justify the extra voltage

    so theres a point of diminishing return

    have a look to see how high other people have pushed that cpu and how much voltage they have needed
  9. Thanks. I'll try it in that forum. One last question concerning NB voltage. When should I increase it? At the moment when I can't go further with VCore?
  10. it will probably tell you in the forum

    as i dont know how good your nb cooling is i cant really say
  11. Ok. Thanks for your help guys.
  12. Why would you want to increase your nb voltage??
  13. That was written in other guides and also helped. The only thing I wonder is which FSB Strap to use.
    Currently I'm using a 333 Strap. Does anyone know if I should use a 400 Strap when going above FSB 400?
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