Upgrading my pc need advices

helo there.

im upgrading my pc specs here is my current:

cpu: amd athlon ii 630 4 cores at 2.8 ghz

gpu: 5770 ati hawk

ram: 4gb

psu: 500w dont know the type really

motherboard: msi i dont remember the actual model.

so i went today checked the market here is what i will get

gpu: 570gtx i want the physx.

cpu: CPU AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz

and i will change my psu to 700w

i might get 2gb ram.

so what do u guys think about that.
im actuly sure about the gpu but do u think the cpu is good enough i mean i never tryed these new amd cpus?
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  1. The cpu is junk for gaming, but if you just using a single video card it'll be ok.

    Is that cpu even compatible with your motherboard? It's really not much faster than your Athlon.

    Why would you downgrade from 4gb of ram to 2gb of ram?
  2. ty for ur repsonse

    as you said maybe its junk but as i read alot about it i can tell u that with a normal air cooling you can overclock it to 4.6ghz without touching voltages so i think thats alot better than my athlon.

    and about the ram what i meant was im going to add 2gb of ram so its goin to be 6gb.
  3. Ok for dual channel memory, you need to run your memory in like size pairs, so that won't work.

    Do you have DDR3 now?

    Do you have a motherboard that supports FX cpu's?

    Even overclocked to 4.6ghz it get's out gamed by a stock dual core i3-2120.
  4. well if its this bad then just give me a few choices fora cpu ive got 160$ for a cpu so what choices do i have?
  5. I can't help you if you can't even answer the questions....
  6. hey im sorry i didnt asnwer i was buzy

    anyway i just got my psu changed to 700w and i got a new cpu wich is

    amd phenom ii 1090t 6 cores at 3.4 ghz what do you think of it??

    and i got a little problem when go to my computer to check my cpu it says amd processor model unknown 800mhz :heink: my friend told me i should update my motherboard bios.

    i checked it says i need to flash it?
    isnt that how old motherboards update or what?

    if someone can help me with the bios update some hints steps anything.

    my motherboard is msi 760gm-e51 a little help please :D
  7. Reinstall your old cpu and use MIS's live update to update the bios. Otherwise you will need to download the zip file they have for you and it includes a utility and instructions to flash your bios but you must have a floppy drive otherwise find someone who know what they're doing make you a bootable usb drive with the bios & flash utility loaded on it.
  8. I don't know why people are so hard on the FX-4100. I have one overclocked to 4.7ghz and I can play battlefield 3 and skyrim maxed out with 60 FPS. Not sure about you guys, but I consider 60 FPS the point where any higher and you don't notice.
  9. LOL - true. For my old eyes I fond that about 30 and up and I can't tell any difference so I aim for 40 minimum in benchmarks when picking a low end card.
  10. I'd buy an FX-6100 L2 Cache: 6MB L3 Cache: 8MB @3.3GHz and it's six cores, and yes, am3+ is backwards compatible with am3 so you won't have any issues there. If your going to buy more ram I recommend getting 2x4 gigabyte g-skill ddr3 ram, you'll see a big performance over 4 gigabytes if you video edit or play games like bf3 or mw3 or skyrim. GPU? If you're going with nvidia you should probably get a EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GeForce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 but if you want more performance and a newer card get a 7950 because at $450, which you can unlock to a 7970, I believe, is a steal.
  11. am3+ cpu's are not am3 motherboard compatible.

    am3 cpu's can be used in an am3+ motherboard.
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