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Cd stuck in cd drive for compaq armada 4120

I just purchased an Armada for $1 and it works. There is a cd stuck in the drive however that I can't get out. I typed in computer/cd drive/eject to no result.The door didn't open. Is there an alternative way to get the cd out? I am not good at taking apart a computer.Due to the limited ram for this model,I would like to install puppy Linux and already have the cd for that. The os on the armada is windows 98 plus.I no longer have my copy of that os as I gave that computer with that away. I could burn it but have never had luck burning an os successfully.
Mac computers have a key you can push while opening the computer. Is there such a key or keys for this computer?I've been using mainly Macs for years and have forgotten my windows stuff. I have downloaded the trouble shooting manual for the armada but it doesn't address this issue.
I have an external cd but it uses usb .
I wish to keep cost to a minimum.
I can scan the armada but there is a missing dll file.
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    On the side of the drive there may be a tiny hole near the "open" button. It will be just large enough to poke a needle into or the end of a paperclip into it. If you have this, stick a paperclip inside it and it will trigger the manual release.
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