Hi guys,
I hope this is the right forum section...

Ive got an MSI PR210 YA Edition laptop which has a 12.1" Widescreen display ( Samsung LTN121W1-L03 ) .

The other day screen went really dim as if the lights went, but I could see the grapics etc faintly.

I tried the brightness buttons but no luck, so I bought a lcd power inverter to replace the current one
and still no luck, so I assume the CCFL lamp has gone.

Ive measured the tube inside the screen to replace it and it measures 270mm which is bigger than
the norm for a 12.1" lamp but its a widescreen.

Ive tried looking for places that do the lamp, and I have found a place thats cheap enough and they come
with wires just not the connector. I want a connector but dont know what its called or where
I can get one without the wire. Any suggestions ?

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  1. If you can get the right lamp, but the connector is wrong, you can always splice and heatshrink the leads, or solder the old leads to the new lamp. I dont know of any place that sells just the connectors.
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