X 6 46"LED t.v's as one big computer monitor???

I need some help guys with a project. I've got x6 46 inch LED t.vs all grouped together with x6 HDMI cables going to one computer. A Lenovo 1.5 TB, 8GB memory with a 300 watt power supply. The problem I have is that I was told that I could use the on-board HDMI output along with x5 external USB to HDMI cards so that I could use all six t.v's as one huge expanded computer monitor. Well, x3 of the USB to HDMI external cards work great but as I add the others, the screens get lighter and lighter and then the last 2 will not even come on. Power supply issue? I know believe that I had bad info and should have got a higher power supply and just bought x2 PCI AMD eyefinity video cards. This is not for any gaming, CAD, or any other 3D work. Just browsers, WORD, Excel, and some database reports.

What's the best way to get out of this mess and get the project done? Can I get x2 AMD firePro 2450 (x5 DISPLAY PORT/each) along with a X5 FSP power booster?? Lenovo said the 300 watt power supply is the max for my machine, so this is why I'm thinking X5.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've got a couple of pics, but I don't see how to upload.

I really need some help with this before I pitch these t.v's out the window!
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  1. do you still need help with this???
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