Hi, hoping I can get some help here. I just built my first computer. It worked fine for a while, it booted up and I installed windows 7. It worked fine for about a day, but suddenly it shut off. And when I tried to boot up again the bios screen said "cmos fail". I entered the bios setup screen and reset everything to default and the computer botted into windows afterwards.

My mobo is a biostar tz77b.

Any idea what is causing this problem? I wasn't updating or flashing the bios?
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  1. Clear your CMOS by removing CMOS and short the postitive and negative terminals and reinsert and check.
  2. Okay new problem. I unplugged the computer befor I went to work today. When i tried to boot it up again tonight the computer won't turn off (nothing turns on;fans, hdds are silent, but the led light turns on). Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Check if your PSU is good.
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