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I'm trying to find an affordable case that is larger in size. Doesn't have to be MASSIVE, but noticebly big.
This case will be used for my first build, and I think the extra space will help me not only assembly wise but also with air-flow and cooling, unless I'm wrong and its exactly the opposite lol. As I said I am a noob pc builder. I would prefer the case require minimal tools and have good cable management. Doesn't need stock fans, I can install, but if it has them that is okay too.

-Will regular atx form factor mobo fit in ATX FULL and ATX MID?

-Is a larger case better for airflow and cooling, or is it harder to cool as their is more space?

-Is a full tower practical for a first build gaming pc?
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  1. It all depends on what you mean by big. Some peoples definition of big is bigger than others.

    The Antec 300 is bigger than most off the shelf systems, but its no where as big as some of the cases are.
  2. plus 1 to totalknowledge

    and what you mean by affordable may differ from what other people do

    so whats the maximum you want to spend?
  3. This case may prove useful:

    It has a few extra bells and whistles that aren't at all essential, but it's affordable, large, designed with air flow and air pressure in mind, and suffcient for cable management.

    Any "regular" ATX form factor case can house any ATX and m-ATX motherboard. However, m-ATX cases cannot house standard ATX motherboards.
  4. and that case brings up another important question

    what style you like--loads of lights and leds and aggresive styling or something simpler and less in your face

    like this

    gets great reviews
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