New features

i was just wondering what the new features were and how do you get to them




Call for comments

and if any body has any ideas as to what features to add that would be helpful
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  1. A great feature would be a signature resize function for moderators to use (hint, hint ;))

    As for the two you mentioned, I don't know what Tutorial is and Call for Comments is, if I recall correctly, something that needs to be initiated by the editorial staff. However, none of them have heard of a "call for comments," and therefore nobody has any idea how to do it.
  2. yeah, i know i will resize the sig

    but i was lurking on profiles the other day and i found r_manic has a badge for tutorials but i don't see those things anywhere
  3. r_manic probably hacked the system. :D
  4. believe it too, he even selected the best answer for a thread he didn't even start

    but seriously the guy is amazing, he helped me a lot back when i started, made me actually want to come back

    haven't seen him around the forums lately much though
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