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I have an asus rampage III formula motherboard and I want to create a raid 0 using 2 SSD m4's ( sata III) They are both installed up in running but as individual drives. One with OS and the other just storage. I want to wipe them out and start fresh with the RAID O. I don't want to use the Marvell controller I want to use the Intel controller, I've been reading and it sounds like the intel controller is more stable. I was hoping someone can help me out setting it up.
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  1. Hi,
    You have to download the F6 Intel RST driver and save it on an USB memory stick.
    Set SATA to RAID in BIOS, restart and Ctrl+I to configure the RAID array.
    Exit after finishing and start installing Windows. When asked where to install it, click Load driver and point to the USB stick. Select the RAID volume to install Windows on it.
  2. I have set sata to raid in bios but when the system reboots I press the Ctrl+ I and the Windows boot manager keeps coming up
  3. Are the SSDs connected to the gray SATA ports?
  4. alexoiu said:
    Are the SSDs connected to the gray SATA ports?

    They are connected to the sata III ports, im also running windows 7 home premium i did a bios update on my motheeboard , i was able to get in to the intel storage manager before the update so i put it back to the original update and now i cant get into it
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    Hard to say what's wrong. Try clearing the CMOS firstly and then set SATA to RAID.
    If still the same, try flashing the BIOS again.
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