New build, opinions requested.

I am going to upgrade ( a new build) from an AMD PC to an Intel based build. My question is, I am looking at an i3-2120 before an i5 because the extra money saved will go towards a MB. I am only going to use the PC for gaming ( Skyrim, Diablo 3 being the most intensive), watching DVDs and basic PC uses. I am leaning towards a Biostar TZ68A-RCH LGA Mbw/ G.Skill 8GBRL mem. All other parts are not required. What is your opinion?
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Low at the moment. will upgrade when possible. I am looking the best/cheapest for now, with upgrade down the road.
  3. I am useing the Mobo as the anchor to allow upgrade to an i5 later down the line
  4. I hit the wrong key spelling using. Sorry
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  6. We still need to know your budget...
  7. About $160-175
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