Someone with Intel Core G620 2.6Ghz, One question.

Hello, I am trying to mount a little HTPC low cost but enough to play all kind of fullHD video.

My little HTPC will not run any games, only multimedia, so its enough with Intel HD Graphics inside of CPU, i need someone with this CPU Intel Core G620[ ].

I used search and i dont found any good restul about this CPU only. I want someone to try a little clip on MKV at 1080p encode on h264 Hi10p profile, wich this kind of encode its not playback with DXVA, so its have to playback for software assisted by CPU Intel Core G620.

If there is someona with this CPU, i would appreciate to testing this clip [ ] hotd-op-1080p-hi10p.mkv, on MPC-HC with this setup [ ] or latest XBMC and tell me your result.

I want to know if this CPU its able to playback this kind of video at 1080p without DXVA.

Thank you so much
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  1. The G620 is perfectly capable of HD playback.
  2. The Intel® HD Graphics on the Intel Pentium® G620 are capable of of running HD playback. You can see the difference between the Intel HD 2000 graphics on the Intel Core™ i3-2100 and the Intel HD graphics on the Intel Pentium G620 at,53480 also here is some information on the graphics and its capabilities at

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. With Hardware Acceleration DXVA, I think i am sure all will be played fine.

    But my doubt is playing videos with x264 hi10p profile (10 bit color depth) wich its cant be played using hardware acceleration, I think a 720p Hi10p its works fine, but my doubt are with Hi10p bigger videos with Hi10p.

    My desktop E8400 manage this kind of video very well, this G620 should work the same of my desktop or better?
  4. Why not buy the cheapest APU for the same price as the g630 for better video performance and less power draw?
  5. what APU arround 60$/€ are better than G620?
  6. The AMD A4 3300 should be at the same price-point as the G620.
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