Replaced Ati Radeon 4670 with 6770

Dear Mated i have An Problems.. I have Installed xfx radeon hd 6770 in My Dell optiplex gx620... before it i had xfx Radeon 4670
Upgrades Are

Windows Index was 5.4 with 4670 now its at 7.1 on wondows 7
in dxdiag it is directx11 installed...

now problem is

i am having less fps then 4670 and the games are much more laggy than 4670... i just dont understand why? even if this is a bigger cars as compared to old one
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  1. bump?
  2. Use driver sweeper
    then restart your computer
    then download the latet drivers for you card here
  3. ok what will this do?
  4. This process removes the old drivers you were using and allows you to put newer ones on your PC without any of the old files causing any havoc,
    You should do this because the card you are using is 2 (1) generation newer.
    The drivers currently in your machine are not optimized for this card.
    If you have removed the old drivers then installed the new ones that came wit your
    new card, it is likely some files were left behind and the steps above will help you resolve the issue.
  5. ok i opened this amd driver site and downloaded the updater and.. and when i run it it says you have the latest version of drivers installed
  6. If you have the latest drivers installed, uninstall and reinstall them. It could be a bad card, but I doubt it.
  7. did you hook up the pci express 6pin power cord to the new card?
  8. yeah without that the card was not running i mean being powered up
  9. It really doesn't seem that you have taken the advice I gave you , you should if you are still having the same issue
  10. i have done that... but to tell i was playing Dragon age 2 Dues Ex human Revolution... duke nukem Forever are playing perfectly alright ranges between 50-60fps... but with gta 4 crysis, blackops.. its just a ***
  11. So you used driver sweeper then restarted ? after doing so you downloaded the latest or at least driver package 11.3 (even 10.4 is fine) I use them both using two different hard drives. I should work or perhaps you are using an adapter instead of a 6 pin pic3 cable this can cause issues ps do not let windows install anything related to the AMD card
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