My new computer i built has random stuttering in all games

Well i just built my new computer for like 1200 bucks and it is not giving the performance i thought it would.To start off this extremly long ass story, I started to get more and more games off steam and i noticed in all of them that there is this random lag like itll be in the 200fps for left for dead then down to 20 and back up to 200. I have the latest drivers installed. I mean ALL my games including terraria which my ******* 5 year old laptop can run. Games are Witcher 2,l4d2,l4d,gmod.terraira,stalker(s),gta4, all of these games will lag no matter what and it makes it unplayable. Its like when dead island first came out for pc and it laged every 10 sec thats what my computer feels like. Anyway ive sorted down the problem to either my MOBO,PSU or maybe my hardrive idk. Its not the drivers or the 2 gfx cards i had. IVe taken off one of them and ran test on both and theres no diffrence in performance. im really confused here because i though for 1200 bucks i would get quality parts but idk lifes unfair OOPS i forgot my computer specs
2 sapphire tech 6870s
8 gig vengance 1600mhz
nzxt phantom case
cosair 80 gold+650 watt
phenom x4 965 at 4.1 ghz
7200 rpm 500 gig
Also its not the micro stuttering i here all the time on the web it does the same thing weither its in crossfire or not so dont tell me that. Ive tried everything i can think of now its just what part is defective and replacing it.I will comment back or anwser any questions u have. im thinking its the psu because if its faulty its pulsing out underpowed amps and that may cause the fps dips randomly
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  1. Do you have another psu to test it out with? You said you removed one of the video cards and tested them one at at time?
  2. Yes i did anyway idk why this forum double posted my questiion but this has already been solved.
  3. Hey dude !
    I´m experiencing the same problem here but with a single Radeon HD 6850 and a Core i7 860.

    Could you share your fix to the problem with me?
    I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks man.
  4. First of all.. turn your overclock off and try running games at the stock settings. I hope you didn't just start overclocking without stability testing.
  5. are you using 2 graphics card if so have you tried removing one if that fixes it then the games you playing aren't very well optimized with crossfire
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