G. skill ripjaws vs sniper vs ares

what are the differences between them?which is the best for gaming?
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  1. They are all very good for gaming. Which memory is best depends on the specifications. A higher frequency or lower timing than standard will be best for gaming.

    Thank you
  2. ares is low profile. If you want to use a big heatsink, such as a 212 evo, you will want the ares.
  3. Low profile?what's that?sorry but i m new to these tech terms... :P
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    It means the physical size of the stick is small. It will fit underneath the fan on a large heatsink. The ripjaws have taller heat spreaders and may interfere with a big heatsink/fan.
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  6. With a cooler like the Evo 212 ( I own with ripjaws) you can raise the fan up a little to go over the heat sink. Wish i realized this before i pulled the heat sink off one of my memory sticks.
  7. thnks
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