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Hello people, I was wondering if I could get any help with a very weird problem I have. My computer has been misbehaving lately and in the mornings it takes literally 20 attempts to get the thing to boot. When it does boot, it usually runs fine for the day, sometimes I get a BSOD (I'll provide the ones I've had so far) and sometimes the computer will just suddenly turn itself off. Right now, it's turning itself off ALOT. And I can easily replicate it by playing a video. When I play a video it seems fine, as soon as I go to stretch the window of the player (VLC Media Player, but happens with Windows Media Player too) the computer shuts off. Everytime.

I've checked CPU temperatures, and they are around 55C, 65C at the very most

I've checked GPU temperatures and it's at 50C-55C, seems fine

I've reseated RAM sticks, doesn't make a difference

Am I looking at a PSU problem? The BSOD's always seem to suggest faulty RAM.
I've been troubleshooting to look for faulty RAM sticks, doesn't seem there's a bad one in particular, maybe the motherboard is failing?

The BSOD's I've encountered:

I find it very odd that I can repeat the computer shutting off every single time at the moment by increasing the size of the window I'm playing a video in. INSTANT shut down.

Any help would be very appreciated.
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  1. Hi, Try testing the PC with only one RAM stick installed. If still the same, it might be a power supply issue. Try borrowing one just to make sure it's a power issue and not something else.
  2. Try starting up the PC in safe mode and doing a system restore.....sounds like a virus to me
  3. @alexoui

    Will try that asap


    Yeah it doesn't seem to happen in safe mode, will test it some more. However, since the PC also has issues with booting after it's been off for a while, literally having to turn it back on 20 times before it will stop turning itself off before it even gets to bios, I kind of ruled out any software/virus issues? Am I wrong in thinking that? I mean, it doesn't even get to the point of loading windows, let alone load a virus...

    Unless the boot issue is unrelated to the computer shutting down with the videos, ofcourse
  4. Requiring multiple turn-ons to boot, especially after the PC has been turned off for a while, points to a power supply problem.
  5. Any tips on exluding the motherboard? The symptoms also seem to occur in faulty motherboards, don't they?
  6. lizalo said:
    Any tips on exluding the motherboard? The symptoms also seem to occur in faulty motherboards, don't they?

    Yes, but you'll need to try another power supply or motherboard to find out.
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