Help me to buy monitor.

Ok now im buying my monitor. This past days I brought a topic which keyboard or monitor should i buy? Now im decided to buy monitor there is tn and ips monitors out there. It is said that tn monitors are good on gaming. While ips monitors are good on view like watching movies etc. I do both but i do Prefer to gaming since i dont want ghosting etc on my monitor. Should i get an accer monitor that i saw nearest shop on my place. That monitor its like 12000 yen (coz i live in japan lol)

Ps: that monitor its like 1980x1200? or 1980x1080?? Cant remember but my current monitor is 1650x1050:)
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  1. I think even far away in Japan there is more than just one type of Acer monitors, maybe, just maybe you should give a litlle bit more info on that.
  2. I dont know about what model it is but after checking the acer site i think its g series i need to confirm too maybe after my job i go to that place and input the product number. So for now about ips and tn monitors do you think tn monitors are great for gaming? Like fps, mmoprg etc.
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  5. 1920x1080 full HD resolutions are best monirot for gaming.
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