Which is the best motherboard for Intel i3

Which is the best motherboard for Intel i3 for my laptop, I am looking for something in the range of $100.

Do let me know if you have any suggestions.

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    You can't simply swap a motherboard in a laptop like you can a desktop.

    Perhaps if you explain your situation I can give better advice.

    Is your laptop motherboard broken?
    Are you trying to rebuild for more processing power?

    If your laptop is broken, you need to find a replacement (if possible) for your exact laptop. It's not an open standard like ATX is for desktop PC's.

    And if you're trying to rebuild for more processing power that's a waste of money even if you could. Buy a new laptop.
  2. My Laptop stopped working, I took it to the local repair shop, he told me that the motherboard is corrupted and needs to be replaced, but he said he does not have the expertise to replace it.

    He told me to buy a new mother board and get it replaced from Authorized Service Center.

    BTW I have a Dell 15R Laptop.
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  4. Lmao corrupted? Get a second opinion
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