Really need help...

Hey everyone, I recently bought my first custom w the help of many from the forum. Here's a link to the specs that we decided would work best...

however, I've been looking over a few things before the parts arive in the mail and have started to worry about this setup. This is especially because I've never overclocked anything before and would prefer to not have to if possible.

My concerns are the following:

1) Do I need to update the BIOS for the cpu to be compatible? I see on the manufacturer's website that I may need to. I dont know how to do it though and am worried about hurting the cpu or mobo if i screw this up

on the download site it lists 3 of the 1.5 versions : DOS, instant flash and windows. how do i know which to use and how would i update it before inserting the cpu?

2) The memory I ordered is 1866 but I didn't see it listed on the website ...

Does this mean that I have to overclock the memory for it to work? Would anything happen if I dont overclock the memory? Although it says it is not supported, it does say that "Note7: AMD FX series CPU on this motherboard support up to DDR3 1866 MHz as its standard memory frequency. " Does this mean I should not be concerned?
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  1. when you buy a board you must first check that the cpu will work with it.
    If it is the case the cpu will not work with the board when put in the board, it may require you to perform a bios update. The problem is you have to have a known working cpu in order to perform the bios update. The memory should be fine no problems there.
  2. The CPU you selected should be fine, it is listed so you shouldn't be worried!
    If there is an issue you will be able to update the BIOS via USB, but you do have to install the cpu to begin with. Without a CPU the system probably wont start.
    Don't be worried about damaging the mobo either, with a BIOS flash (unless the power goes off during the process :D ). I personally prefer the windows flash method although many may diagree, for some reason it feels safer!
    The RAM chips can't all be listed, manufacturers usually just test most common brands. Asrock site says that DDR3@2100 is OC so the 1866 should work at the correct speed immediately.
  3. RAM:
    Motherboards contain PROFILES for your RAM in the BIOS. That's also why the BIOS should be updated at times.

    After you are setup, go into the BIOS and find the part to setup your RAM. You should be trying to use "XMP" or something similar (see motherboard manual).

    Basically, there's a pre-set profile to run your RAM at it's highest frequency. If it isn't detected already, you should see it change to the correct frequency when you select the correct (XMP?) setting.

    *Also, make sure to run MEMTEST for at least an hour at some point (preferably before installing Windows).
  4. Thanks so much everyone. I still am unsure as to how 1) which versoin of the bios I should download - either the most recent or the one specified for my cpu. 2) how to install those bios. Surely, there must be some link out there that can explain all this.

    Thanks again for all the help
  5. You should download and install the latest version BIOS update available. That way you will have all the previous enhancements and the most recent.
    There are a couple of ways that this can be done, you can either download the update and copy to a blank usb pen drive or to FDD (if thats available). The update is usually packed with the actual updating software so it must be "unzipped" to the root directory of the usb (not in a folder). You must then set the primary boot device to usb and boot the pc. Once the system sees the update software it will either begin to update imediately or ask you to press Enter. After the update is done it will reboot and thats it. There are usually instructions displayed during this process so don't worry!
    The second option is to download the windows update software. This one will check the current version and then the manufacturers server for a newer version. It should then prompt you to either select a version yourself or choose the best one on its own. It will continue to download and install and when complete ti will ask you to restart the pc. I find this one the easiest option myself. Again there will be detailed instructions during the process so don't worry! But you will need to have Windows installed for this one...
  6. very helpful ng. thanx so much again guys - most helpful. can't wait to get this off the ground. btw, anyone here have access to games on stream for free?i have about 20 myself but im looking for a wayy to access them without paying. any recomendations?
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