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I currently own a Toshiba laptop, would I be able to format the hard drive thus erasing all the garbage that comes on a name brand laptop and then reload a retail version of Windows 7 that I purchased seperatly. Would this work?
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  1. It may work. Just a note of caution, some laptop manufacturers make it awfully difficult to get any driver support for their products. So once its fully wiped, some things may not work properly - like its webcam if it has one, or its audio.
  2. Thank You
  3. I did this on my Acer. I bought the laptop on sale for 600e. Then I got a 120 GB SSD for 160e and swapped it for the original HDD. Installing Windows and all the drivers from Acer wasn't a problem :) Now I have a laptop that would be 1k plus in the store for 760e :D

    I suggest you check Toshiba's support site for the drivers before proceding. If they're there, great... if not, you need to carefully consider your next course of action.
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