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reinstalled my xp os, and am getting an error code 10 in hardware mngr for video controller, also cant get into Nvidia settings in control panel, right side of screen is garbled wit vertical lines, have tried updating drivers from dell, microsoft and joy....plz help
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  1. What MB do you have , cpu ,ram, hdd ,monitor. Is this a Dell computer , did you change or upgrade anything , take any thing out of your computer and put it back , when did you last update the bios. There are a lot of info you could supply us with so we can help you. Win XP is a good old OS . What I would do at this point with the info you have given is turn off the Pc and unplug it , then take the video card out of the slot and then put it back in making sure it is seated good , then plug the Pc back in and start it up and see if it changes any thing. If not then repeat the process and this time try another slot and see if that changes anything. Is there any way of testing your card to see if it ok or if you know somrone who has a video card you can put in to test your MB or if you can put your card in someone elses Pc.
  2. appreciate the ans, forgot to mention its a laptop, dell latitude d620, 2Gb ram, 200Gb hdd, I changed the settings in Nvidia to lower output too see if it sped up my system, when I restarted her the screen began flashing to the colour of the backround. Only thing that stopped it was turning of stretch screen mode in bios settings, have updated all my drivers and bios, but am getting code 10's with audio and video controllers. Also Ive noticed that my vga resources have a stop sign over them, dont know if this is important or just a symptom of missing drivers?
  3. my graphics card/gpu is a quadro NVS 110m, am not sure of the specs as I cant get into Nvidia control panel, and settings dont show up with SIW or CPU-Z etc, also just noticed half my ram is missing?????
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