First Build, CPU LED always on

Hi all,

Im just trying to complete my first build, but i'm having a lot of trouble. My components are:

CPU: i7 3820 LGA2011
GPU: EVGA 680GTX SC Signature
Memory: G Skillz Ripjaw Trident X 16gb (2 x 8gb)
HSF: Noctua H4-114 2011
PSU: Corsair AX850W

I'm at the breadboard stage trying to figure out what is wrong, and have spent the last few hours searching desperately for the answer. I've got the MB hooked up to the CPU, HSF, PSU and the VGA for output to the monitor. When I switch it on, the fans boot up, but I keep getting a CPU LED light on as a solid red. I've checked the pins aren't bent and its in the right way, the power is connected into the 8 pin CPU connector (which is the answer to alot of the problems on threads ive seen), the connectors for the HSF is plugged in, one stick of ram is in there, and i've moved that between the different slots, there is no thermal paste overflowing and shorting it out that way, the setup is on a non-conductive surface (mbu box).

I've read up about flasHing the BIOS, but would I need to do that before I've even got it to POST for the first time? I thought it might be the RAM, but the DRIM LED isn't lighting up. Ive already got a replacement PSU, MBU, and CPU, so it can' be any of them... surely??

Im just at my wits end. Never in a million years thought it would be this tough. I don't have a speaker thing to check for beeps :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I wonder what's kind of rig you building, Gamer dont get 2011 because 1155 is very similar in gaming performance, if your doing video editiong or similar, should of gone with more RAM and have a Tesla K10 w/Quadro 2000 or so... When you say you've replaced MB CPU and PSU, did you remove one at a time or just all of it? Also since it's your first build, make sure there's those screw beind the motherboard holding it with these screws
    take everything out, organize everything when putting back in with all wires and stuff...
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