Need Advice for PC upgrade approx. 650$

Hello, I would like to upgrade my pc and I need some guidance.I want to keep my case, optical and hard drive but i certainly need a new mobo, cpu ram and maybe psu and graphics card

my current parts are:
mobo:asus P5LD2 Deluxe ATX
cpu:intel pentium 4(dont know other information)
ram:should be 1GB(dont know the brand)
graphics card:ATI Radeon HD 4800
psu:chieftec GPS-450AA-101A

I would prefer an upgrade w/ intel cpu, a DDR3 ram and my case has space for a longer graphics card
It should all be around 600-700$

Thank you in advance
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  1. the monitor is an LG flatron L1915S but i dont know resolution, and another question does newegg ship parts worldwide?
  2. See what you think about these parts and options.

    $335 Intel 2500k/Gigabyte z68 Combo:
    If you aren't going to overclock, get this mobo in combo with the 2400 ( and save $34 and drop the aftermark CPU cooler for another $25 savings.

    $239 Sapphire 6950: (not including $15 MIR)

    $70 XFX Core PRO550W: (Not including $15 MIR). 550W is enough for a single 6950 no problem (AMD recommends on 500W or greater). If you are going to crossfire, moving up to the 750W should be more than enough, there is no need for the 850W version.

    $50 Kingston HyperX 8GB: (not including $10 MIR)

    $26 Cooler Master Hyper 212: (ifs its too big for your case, (its big check) go with this for $25:

    Total before MIR: $720
    Total after MIR: $685

    EDIT: Your monitor has a resolution of 1280x1024, which means that the 6950 is total overkill unless you are going to get a new monitor. a 6870 like this ( or even a 6850 should more than suffice if keeping this monitor.
  3. John-21- said:
    the monitor is an LG flatron L1915S but i dont know resolution, and another question does newegg ship parts worldwide?

    No. Which is why most people going on a English forum asking for advice in US DOLLARS would state if they were from somewhere other than the USA.

    With a 1280x1024 19" monitor, any upgrade would be a complete waste. I would advice you upgrade your monitor to 1920x1080 before even considering upgrading your computer.

    Anything higher than your current video card would be a complete waste at that resolution.

    Sapphire warranties are weak compared to XFX. And with a single video card, there's no reason to overclock the cpu so skip the CM 212+.
  4. sorry but i asked in usd so that you didnt have to convert them to euros
    and i wanted to order from abroad because prices here are 70-90 euros more
    Anything else i should know before looking for a monitor?
  5. Guys thanks a lot for your help
    I'll definitely take into consideration your ideas :D
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