Motherboard problem

Hi everyone

I have a problem with a Toshiba SA30-714's motherboard

I received this computer, it came in parts and without the screws, and i tried to put it all together.

At first i had something on the display, saying that there was no OS installed.

I turned it off, installed the keyboard, all components.

And when i turned it on , the display is always black, and then the fan starts and stops

a video I made:
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  1. First you shouldn't turn it on without the heatsink/fan installed with thermal paste and all screws secured. It could damage the cpu. Are you getting video output?
  2. Im not getting any video output,
    not with the externag vga monitor, not even with the laptop's display
  3. Since you received this in parts, maybe it's dead. Why did the person before you take it apart? Did they say anything about it?
  4. It's not dead, because the first time i tried to put it together I had video output on the display.

    and then i installed the keyboard, and i handn't any video anymore.

    No he received it from another person
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