Best current Graphics card for WoW

I see this question asked on here frequently, and when I google my question I always get directed to these forums but they questions are often constrained to a price or are out dated, so here is my question:

I am a hardcore raider, I do not play any games other than wow and I regularly edit/render videos in Vegas 10 and often animate in AE CS5.5 for things such as intros, kill video stabilization, and purely aesthetic animations to make the videos more appealing. I also record all of my kills with Playclaw - generally in uncompressed AVI as compression can bog my system down, albeit I *could* run without ultra settings to alleviate this, it makes for a better video.

I am well versed in just about every aspect of computer technology but I figured I would ask here as opposed to going out on a limb and just picking the card I believe to be the best for game play. Please note that I am NVIDIA biased but am not totally opposed to ATI.

My current setup is as follows:
i7-875k 2600 @ 3.3 GHz.
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L Motherboard.
650 Corsair PSU.
NVIDIA 460 GPU @ 763MHz Graphics, 1900MHz Memory, and 1526MHz Processor Clocks.
Several TBs of space between Three SSDs: one for OS, one for WoW, one for Vegas and AE spin disks, Two Web Caviar Blacks in Raid0 for recording video, two other Caviars for installing all other programs and random storage.
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium, albeit I do not do anything with sound or music I just wanted to lesser the burden of audio from other system resources.
My system is fan cooled.

So basically I am looking for the best accommodating graphics card with heavy focus on WoW, I understand that GPUs have no effect on Vegas and extreme - yet limited, effect on AE. I have no definitive price limit but I am obviously not in the market for a Quadro 6000 nor a FirePro V9800. Just looking for something better than what I currently have 40-50 FPS on Ultra in densely populated areas but when in a 25Man raid with all the spell effects I have but 40 frames and while recording I can bog down to 21-24, and while that isn't brutal, would like all these numbers to be AT LEAST doubled across the board.

Thanks again in advance and while this post is a little long for such a simple question I figured the background information may help out!
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  2. Andddd ordered XD
  3. carnold5935 said:
    Andddd ordered XD

    Wanted to find out how that card worked out for you. When my card died a few years bad I replaced it with the EVGA Geforce GTX 285 and have had an ongoing issue with it freezing the computer during WoW and only during WoW. They claim it is a bug in WoW code and can offer no solution. I am looking for a new card but I hesitate to pick up another EVGA card. I would appreciate hearing about your experience with the GTX 570.

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