Looking for a USB Keyboard Mouse & Sound switch ONLY for 2 computers


I am looking to buy KVM switch except wouthout the 'V'. I only want to use it for keyboard mouse & possibly sound but that is not required.

Does anyone know of a USB Keyboard & Mouse only switch?

If not, does anyone know of a switch that does not have the monitor cables attached directly inside the switch itself so that I could not use them?

I know I could buy any regular KVM and not use the vga, but I don't want two vga cables cluttering up my desk.

Google came up dry.
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  1. Hi :)

    If you are not going to use the video on a KVM switch ..you wont have ANY video cables connected to it lol :)

    Normally a KVM is just a small box...with no cables at all, although you can buy more expensive ones with cables...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The problem is some switches sort of combine the USB & Video cables into a single cable so I am trying to find one that does not do this and does not have the video cable integrated into the switch itself
  3. I dont know of any and have not seen any on newegg.
    If your keybd and mouse can work thru a hub then you might just want to get a plain usb switch and try that. No guarantee that the computer 1 wont lock up when you switch to computer 2 though so buy locally and test that way you can bring it back easy enough.
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