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So out of nowhere my PC no longer Posts.

I get beeps indicating RAM is not "working" and a red light {continuous}. I have tried pressing the "MeM OK" button. The light flashes a few times in a pattern, then the CPU LED flashes once, turns off, and RAM LED starts flashing again. The MoBo is a M5a97 EVO {Home Built System}. PC worked fine last week after we got moved in to new Flat. Then I placed it in closet to make room for a party we threw, took it out and have this RAM error.

I took a look at the No Post Sticky and I am at the breadboarding stage. I used to live in a really dusty Russian-Era apartment so there is a lot of dust on all components. I am cleaning them best I can.

My question is: What is best way to clean a Mother Board?

Would Alcohol work? Sorry if that is just a stupid question but the "crap" doesn't come off with air. Is it possible a clump of dust has shorted out the CPU or Ram?

Oh, when I say alcohol, I mean the pharmacy kind, not Vodka lol...


Any other suggestions other than buy a GigaByte board? LOL
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  1. Liquids like rubbing alcohol won't hurt the MB as long as it's unplugged and completely dry before you power it on again. I would use a Q-tip on some of the problem areas and test occasionally.
  2. Try using a Clean soft paintbrush, ground properly and dust.

    I have cleaned a Mobo in a sink with dishwashing liquid before and dried it out completely and it has worked perfectly afterwards (Two yeas running now) after the laptop was covered in Coffee (Luckily it was switched off.)
  3. thanks guys, i opted for the brush route :)
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