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Computer Freezing Issue

December 10, 2012 3:11:29 PM

Hey guys!

Having a bit of an issue with my father-in-law's computer. It keeps freezing at alternating intervals and I'm not sure why. My first guess was the computer is overheating, however I cannot find any hardware monitors in the BIOS and anything I install doesn't seem to work.

He's using Ubuntu 12.04, but I don't think the OS is to blame as MemTest86+ just done this after about 6 minutes:

Does anybody know what can cause this? Is it most likely a memory issue since it happened while running MemTest86+, or could that be a coincidence?

Thanks for any help guys!

P.S. Just re-ran MemTest86+ and it's been running for about 10 minutes so far and not caused the same screen clutter, dunno if that helps! :)